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My Mama's Sweet Potato Pie Company was created using Mama Swain's recipe to produce and market an authentic sweet potato pie.

Contrary to popular opinion, sweet potato pie is not a seasonal dessert. Since sweet potato pie won the hearts and appetites of many Southerners hundreds of years ago, the dessert has been eaten year round - especially during holiday banquets, and reunions. As a result of the "Great Migration", a period when African-American Southerners migrated to more industrious parts of the U.S., the country was introduced to and has fallen in love with this Southern delicacy.

Like Italians, Chinese, Mexicans, and other ethnic groups, African-American's cultural delicacy (country eating) is appetizing to a diverse group of people. And because sweet potato pie is a dessert - everyone's year round weakness - it has and even greater demand than most ethnic foods (the fastest growing retail and commercial food line).

Marvin Swain Jr., The Pieman

To capitalize on the void in your dessert and ethnic food lines, join the country's finest supermarkets and restaurants, by offering My Mama's Sweet Potato Pie Company's products to your customers.

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