Since 1986


Marvin Swain Jr. and
the Kroger Company

‚Äča perfect combination

For over twenty years Marvin Swain Jr. and the Kroger Company have been bringing you the delicious sweet potato pie dessert . Today, My Mama's Sweet Potato Pies are distributed in three regional locations. You will find Marvin's pies within a thirty mile radius of Detroit, Michigan, Columbus, Ohio and Wheeling, West Virginia. This year-round favorite is located in the frozen food section of your local Kroger store.

For additional information about My Mama's products, distributing, and marketing programs please contact:

Marvin Swain Jr.
Office: 614.261.7882
Cell: 614.804.1385 

My Mama's Sweet Potato Pie Company | Columbus, Ohio | 614-261-7882