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In 1986 My Mama’s Sweet Potato Pie Company opened its doors in Columbus, Ohio.  Using Mama Swain’s time tested family recipe of 130 years, they produce and market an authentic sweet potato pie.

​Sweet potato pie is not just a seasonal dessert.  Since it won the hearts and appetites of Southerners, the dessert has been eaten year around for holidays, reunions and social events.  After the “Great Migration,” to the industrial areas of the U. S., African-American Southerners introduced this delicacy to the rest of
​the country.

​Like other Ethnic groups, African- American cultural food, both soul and country, is appealing to a diverse group of people. Ethnic foods are a fast growing retail and commercial food line and sweet potato pie is a year round winner.

Marvin Swain Jr.
Office: 614-261-7882
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"Superb Quality Since 1986"

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