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Original Down Home Sweet Potato Pie


Feel like a tropical getaway. You may add slices of pineapple or lemon. Topped with shredded coconut you can just feel the ocean breeze.
Marvin Swain Jr.
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Kids love Coconut! What better way to treat them than serving up a delicious slice of My Mama's Sweet Potato Pie. Flakes of Coconut can be sprinkled right on top of the pie. Serve it warm and prepare for second helpings. ​



You hungry guys love pecans. Topping your pie with chopped pecans will satisfy your desire to crunch. Embellish your whipped cream topping with a dash of cinnamon. Pick one up on the way home for that special Down South taste.​

Sometimes, mama would jazz up her sweet potato pies with many different flavors. Top your freshly baked pie with any type of delight. Every season will inspire you to come up with your own enhanced favorite. Start a new family tradition. Email us your inspiration so we may share it with others. Enjoy My Mama's Sweet Potato Pie just the way you like it.

Sometimes you like just a little tartness in your desserts. Add a slice of lemon on top or tap a few drops of lemon juice on your My Mama's Sweet Potato Pie. This pie is perfect for your Summer picnic. Take along several for everyone to enjoy.